Fenty Beauty x Ace Beaute 

I bought some new goodies that I am really enjoying; Fenty Beauty products and Ace Beaute eyeshadow palette. Fenty, as in Robyn Fenty is Rihanna’s makeup line. Which has been widely praised (rightfully so, TBH) for the wide color range. This foundation lives up to the hype. To be honest, I usually take the stance of the classic Public Enemy song and “Don’t Believe the Hype” about most things especially when it comes to beauty products. People tend to embellish product payoff. But, Fenty does not disappoint. 
Another product that I am LOVING is from Ace Beaute. This palette is really good and affordable in my opinion. 16 shades for around $40. I did a look with these products and I have included the YouTube link for that.

Product details can be found on my YouTube page 😊

Wide color range from Ace Beaute

Packaging is STUNNING

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Juvias Place Series

I must admit, I have ad this palette for a HOT MINUTE but I just could not decide how I was going to show it. Then, I got another palette….and another one…then the blush palette. “Hi, I’m a palette-aholic”
Here is the Nubian Palette from Juvias Place!

This is a neutral palette and I love it! Amazing color pay off so I don’t feel like I have to pack on TONS of shadow on a brush to see it transfer to my kids.

What else is there to do but go for it!! So here is what I did, enjoy!!

I hope you all enjoyed part one of the series! 

More #BlackGirlMagic to come!

Colourpop Pressed Powder?!


Been a minute but I am back with a review and look! I’ve had these pressed powders for a while now but I am just getting around to trying it out. The shadows are highly pigmented which is fantastic! There can be some fallout with some if the matte shades but you just have to apply with caution, like most shadows. I’ll let you all take a look and determine if you like it too. Here is a look at the Hi-Maintenance palette.

Blank canvas



That pigmentation though?!? Yaaaaaassssss

Oh, and fear not! My face will be blended out too.







Overall feels:

This is definitely going in the win column!  The site has a number of beautiful colors to select from and the price point of $5.00 per shade this is a fair price. I would recommend that you order an empty eyeshadow tray from Amazon.com to store your colors because you will order more than one shade.

If any of you have tried these press powders, share your feelings about them here!






MUST HAVE Spotlight: @LoveIguehi


I was just strolling through instagram and I came across the sister of a friend of mine from college and I saw a gorgeous clutch that she designed and made caught my eye! I reached out because I had to have one and this is a purchase that I am so happy I made. The designer is Iguehi (@LoveIguehi) she is based in the Bay Area and I wanted to share with you all.

This is not a sponsored post I just really like to support small and local businesses when I can and I encourage you all to do the same, often.

Facts about the order:

  • I reached out to Iguehi online and I told which bag I was interested in
  • Payment was made through PayPal
  • Clutch was delivered by the weeks end
  • The clutch is really sturdy, very high quality
  • I will absolutely be ordering from her again


The clutch is very spacious and I was able to fit all the items I needed for the night in there. I attended a company party and so many people were asking where I got this bag from; I would say that it was a hit! Here are a few pictures from the other night and you can see the entire outfit.


Thanks for reading and feel free to share this post! What are some small/local business that you support? Let me know!




Ready, Set, NYX


Hey there!! I’m coming to you with a new post and I decided to challenge myself and use only one brand. That brand is NYX Cosmetics I have a lot of favorites from different brands but since there is a NYX store in my area I decided to take this challenge. With exception to the brushes everything is NYX, enjoy!

Here is my blank canvas:


The NYX foundation that I used was the Stay Matte but not Flat Liquid Foundation in the shade Cocoadscn0498dscn0501

Next up: HD Photogenic Concealer Wand in the shade Nutmeg



Once that was blended it’s time to set it with: Mineral Finishing Powder


Time to get these brows in order with Micro Brow Pencil


Now it’s time for some High Definition Blush in the shade Deep Plum


I love you use blush as eye shadow too so I used 3 shades of the High Definition Blush: Deep Plum, Glow, and Beach Babe


Highlight: High Definition Blush in the shade Glow

Tip: Highlight on the upper cheek bones, tip/bridge of the nose, and the cupids bow.


Mascara: This was the surprise of the day! I just bought this for this blog post and I was skeptical because the applicator is soooo small but it was effective! Get the Skinny Mascara


Lashes are Wicked by NYX in the style Tease. Sorry, a good picture was not captured.

On to the lips! I selected Cherry Skies for the Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick line




I hope you all enjoyed this and if you you like to me to do more of these looks, let me know! What brand do you think that you could challenge yourself with?

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October 2016 Favorites

Here are my October favorites and below you will see them in detail!


  • Coppertone – Oil Free Faces I use sunblock every single day and you should too! 





This product retails at $27 so it is not and EVERYDAY foundation but I do love it and use it quite frequently. I’m also a fan of the red undertone and the doe foot applicator.

Love this especially because I can get it from my local target or Ulta!



This is my everyday concealer especially because of the price-point ($5). The one drawback is that this concealer is THICK and a little goes a long way and best way to apply this for me is with a sponge.

MAC is one of my “fancy” concealers; meaning not an everyday thing. This concealer is more fluid and it spreads really well too.




This is a dual end tool with a twist color advance and a spoolie brush on the other end, it’s kind of like a 2for1 deal. Oh, did I mention that this is $5? That’s a steal, people!


Setting Powders:

I like to mix both to get the exact shade that I desire





  • ColourPop – Golden Child
  • ColourPop – Monster
  • Milani Baked Bronzer – Soleil* I also use this as a highlighter too




All of these lippies are liquid and have a matte finish. Fall is upon us and I love a matte finish. Who am I kidding? I love a matte finish 24/7, 365.


Hair Care:

I wear my hair naturally and these products help keep my hair moisturized 



Body and Skincare:

I mix one scoop of the clay with ACV to make a paste and put it on my face for 20mins and then rinse it off.



Well, folks that’s it for the month of October! I hope that you all enjoyed this and please let me know what goodies are in your rotation. Should a product that you use get an honorable mention?


Colourpop Rules Everything Around Me…#Facts

I am a bit of a Colourpop fan. This brand is kind of new to me, I think I made my first purchase in December of 2015 when I saw my favorite YouTuber mentioned it so I had to check it out! So happy that I did! If you get a chance, check them out. I really appreciate that they do swatches on different skin tones from fair to poppin melanin so you can determine if a shade will look good on you too.

Some of my colleagues and myself even made a rather large order just the other day and I will share those when they arrive.

Feel free to check out my Instagram and Snapchat: itybitydiddy for the latest and greatest!

She’s Fancy, huh?

Today I am featuring this beauty, my big sister! She came back to California for a family event so I knew I needed to snap some pics of her outfits. I love the color choices and that AMAZING handbag.

Enjoy this fun and flirty look!







Like I mentioned earlier, I took advantage of her being here and got a lot of good shots!

Outfit Details

Shirt: “Jawn definition tee” from http://www.cheesesteaktees.com

Skirt: High waisted skirt from “Impact” boutique on South Street Philadelphia, PA

Shoes: Michael Kors

Purse: Clutch from Ghana from a family friend (if you’re interested in similar clutches, feel free to let me know in the comments section)


Graduation Season Outfit Flow

Graduations are huge in my family. This is a time to celebrate and acknowledge the accomplishments of the graduate and prepare to send them off to the next chapter. The first graduate of the season is my little cousin who I babysat and have looked at her as a baby sister since she was born. With that being said, I definitely had to look my best for the occasion!




(The zipper closure on this shoe is my favorite detail)



Outfit details:
Dress- H&M
Shoes- Aldo

I’m New.

I know that there are many countless posts in the blogosphere; so I have decided to add my 2 cents to a this platform.

I’m approaching the age of 30. I’m quite content with that fact. But, I’m going to take this new decade as a new opportunity to see what my potential is. I have a lot of dreams, goals, & ambition and this transitional stage I’m in is going to be a test for the better.

Enough of that. Here’s what I plan to do; I plan to post about life, fitness, and updates of my impending move and career. In addition to that, I’ll probably be posting some randomness that is my life.

I hope to keep everyone entertained and show all of you that I’m just a normal girl trying to make it in this world.