Colourpop Pressed Powder?!


Been a minute but I am back with a review and look! I’ve had these pressed powders for a while now but I am just getting around to trying it out. The shadows are highly pigmented which is fantastic! There can be some fallout with some if the matte shades but you just have to apply with caution, like most shadows. I’ll let you all take a look and determine if you like it too. Here is a look at the Hi-Maintenance palette.

Blank canvas



That pigmentation though?!? Yaaaaaassssss

Oh, and fear not! My face will be blended out too.







Overall feels:

This is definitely going in the win column!  The site has a number of beautiful colors to select from and the price point of $5.00 per shade this is a fair price. I would recommend that you order an empty eyeshadow tray from to store your colors because you will order more than one shade.

If any of you have tried these press powders, share your feelings about them here!







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