Fenty Beauty x Ace Beaute 

I bought some new goodies that I am really enjoying; Fenty Beauty products and Ace Beaute eyeshadow palette. Fenty, as in Robyn Fenty is Rihanna’s makeup line. Which has been widely praised (rightfully so, TBH) for the wide color range. This foundation lives up to the hype. To be honest, I usually take the stance of the classic Public Enemy song and “Don’t Believe the Hype” about most things especially when it comes to beauty products. People tend to embellish product payoff. But, Fenty does not disappoint. 
Another product that I am LOVING is from Ace Beaute. This palette is really good and affordable in my opinion. 16 shades for around $40. I did a look with these products and I have included the YouTube link for that.

Product details can be found on my YouTube page 😊

Wide color range from Ace Beaute

Packaging is STUNNING

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